Longer Vid Voiceovers

Where it all started.. Mostly voiceovers for Hollywood clips. I moved over to doing more of the short clips (link above) after being triggered for copyright.

Strong Langauge Rating Guide Below

Primary School Cop

Welsh Trip

Rugby Runnings

Never Gonna Watch

Welsh Kevin

Short Compilation Vol 1

Christmas Taffy

Mary Poptyping


Valley Gump

Springer in Ponty

Tafftanic 2

Valley Gump 2

Grassy Ars

Tafftanic 3

Taff Brothers

Sion off his head


EPIC Yodel Girl


Its Friday Butt

Next Friday Butt


The Taff Life

National Taffpoons

Trecco Bay on Ellen

Steffan So Skint 1

8 Valley Miles


Fragile Cock

Karate Kunt 1

Story of 2020

Trecco Bay Boy Returns

Karate Kunt 2

Steffan So Skint 2

Taff 2 the Future

No Running Away

Karate Kunt 3

Sheep Shining

Rush Now

Breaking Butt

Blotto C-19 Rant

Trecco Bay Boy Dog

Roses are Red Meme

Karate Kunt Song

Glory of Wales

Plentyn Play

Lovley Girl

Dull and Duller

The 6th Pint

National Taffpoons 2

Plentyn Play 2

Lovley Girl 2 (senior edition)

Little Britain Remake

Arthur in Ponty